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Jetez vos rêves dans l’espace comme un cerf-volant, et vous ne savez pas ce qu’il rapportera, une nouvelle vie, un nouvel ami, un nouvel amour, un nouveau pays. Anaïs Nin

Throughout my childhood and youth I was trained as a classical ballet dancer - I loved having a part in the creation of a fantasy world, on stage. During my college studies in arts & literature I worked in a gallery with artistic photography, paintings and drawings. I loved being surrounded by artists, discovering how their art shows their vision and interpretation of the world. But also, how we as women are all beautiful, all variations of the same theme - beautiful in our differences. 

Through studies abroad and travels, I came in contact with very different cultures and beliefs. It’s a constant learning and discovery of the other and the self and has shaped how I view the world today. It's also taught me to treasure each other’s heritage in all respect.


I always look for ways to create and express myself, through dance, writing, design, music. I’ve always had a love for lingerie and followed my passion through a 3 year professional lingerie training and short courses at the College of Fashion in London. It's given me the opportunity to learn the full process of lingerie design : from the design to pattern making, grading and sewing techniques to business.

My journey in lingerie has guided me to discover a family heritage I had no idea about. I learned to sew on my grandmother’s post-war sewing machine, and started working with local laces from Calais-Caudry - a natural choice as both my greatgrandmother and aunt are lace artisans making bobbin lace by hand, still today - from larger pieces to beautiful figures in silk thread.


I use these same materials and artisanship as a base to create unique and timeless lingerie pieces.

Image copyright Werner Lerooy

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