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Ethical Sourcing

​The (fast) fashion industry is responsible for large quantities of landfill and waste. But we can choose to counter this by working ethically with already existing resources.


At Alizée, we source our fabrics and hardware from remaining designer stock ("deadstock") to limit waste and to give these beautiful quality fabrics a new life. Laces and embroidery are sourced from renowned lace manufacturers in the North of France, right by my home region. All other components are produced and sourced in Europe, and where possible from local businesses. 

Local Craftsmanship

Working with French Leavers laces from Calais-Caudry is a natural choice, as both my greatgrandmother and aunt are lace artisans making bobbin lace by hand, still today - from larger pieces to beautiful figures in silk thread. Our family lives close by the French border with the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region and I grew up in Bruges, renowned for its bobbin lace. 


But it’s much more than that. Leavers lace is of the best quality lace worldwide - not just for its incredibly fine and complex designs but for its construction. It’s a dream to work with as it’s a stable fabric that won’t « un-knit » itself once cut. Nor when your jewelry might snatch your lingerie for example. It’s meant to last. 


Mindful Production

Alizée offers an alternative to fast fashion and its mass production and mass sales, unfortunately synonymous with poor working conditions and environmental waste. 


Our lingerie is designed and hand crafted in our atelier in Brussels, with a minimum of stock and often made-to-order. 

This gives us the flexibility to make slight adaptations according to your desires and needs. 


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