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The Story

Alizée is my story to the world. 

A story born from the desire to slow down and live a life of quality rather than quantity. 

Love for life is about caring for those around us, our environment and what the world has granted us. It’s not about accumulating more, but about being grateful for what we have and granting it its true worth. Beauty and art take time, and it’s the delicacy, dedication and love we put into things that provide its worth. Our heritage is a precious gift we should treasure.

Alizée is a celebration of female beauty and multi-facetted selves we are.

Delicacy, strength, sensuality and pragmatism, are all part of our female essence.


Alizée stands for small capsule collections with limited production quantities. Each collection represents a different emotion and story - every story takes its time to tell and to keep close.

Each piece is designed and hand crafted in the Brussels atelier with carefully selected materials, and is made to last and be loved.


Photography by Thierry Bonnaffé

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